This is my blog about photography. I've been enjoying the art and science of photography since I was a kid.  I'll be posting information and photography on here from time to time. This is a work in progress, so check back regularly.

These are photos taken with infrared light. A filter blocks out the visible light so the camera only records the invisible infrared light. Most were shot with a camera modified with an internal IR filter.

Notice how a blue sky turns black, foliage turns white, water becomes very dark, and skin tones are very pale.

Polariscope an setup for measuring or exhibiting the polarization of light or for examining substances in polarized light, it shows the stress and strain in clear objects, in this case plastic. Items are placed on a large polarizing filter on a light box. Another polarizing filter is on the camera, crossed so little light passes, except where unpolarized by the plastic object.
Here are a few photos of a plastic cassette, plastic cases and a fork. Kind of cool, huh?

Just got a lensbaby, still figuring it out. It's a soft focus lens that mimics the look of a cheap camera. Go figure!


Pinhole photography is a camera which uses a pinhole instead of a lens.
This goes back to the beginning of the camera before lenses were used.


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